We provide solutions through partnering, market research, and the application of innovative cost-effective technologies. GIBS utilizes these core methods to deliver an exceptional client experience. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for the communities we serve and perptuating the sustainability of the world's natural resources through free markets. Ours is a global community.

About Us


Energy and water are interdependent resources for water is necessary in all stages of energy production and for the generation of electricity. In turn, energy is a prerequisite for potable water production and likewise for wastewater treatment. Current trends, in the global environment and in consideration of current or future human energy and water requirements, call for new technologies and methods to become prominent in domestic and international markets. This call depends on the collaboration and partnering between companies and governments and more so it needs the necessary cross industry skill sets that include strategic planning, engineering, construction, manufacturing, delivery, and maintenance of innovative assets and services.

This is our challenge. Our goal is to harness our strategic partnerships to deliver the critical needs of the global community. GIBS is a comphrensively integrated services firm that is dedicated to improving the quality of life and preserving our natural environment. We want to provide communities around the globe with the infrastructure to meet their basic needs and beyond. We will accomplish this by providing cost-effective, environmentally sound, long term solutions for our customers. Our focus is on the communities we work with and as such they are a very important member in the decision making process. People today, more than ever, truly live in a global community.


Our team knows an old mark, but a telling mark, that is stated as ...Carry Your Own Water... For us that means we value the freedom to choose wise action and to act responsibly. It means we value equally self-reliance, self-direction and our relationships, partnerships. Together both concepts as a practice form the foundations for respect; respect for yourself and for others. We value the space in which we inhabit and work in. We value our customers and profitability.

Customer Service

GIBS is a referal based enterprise therfore our customers come first. Our solutions are custom tailored to fulfill the needs of our customers and our solutions reflect the voice of our customers. This is only possible through the dedication and commitment of our team members.


Our goal is to move the world beyond basic needs through our service and attitude that diversity in society is an opportunity for personal and professional enrichment. To lead is to appreciate those that enter your space and to appreciate those whose space you have entered. Our approach is one of open and willing hands.




GIBS provides mobile potable water systems that only require a natural water source such as a lake or river to operate. These potable water units sanitize water from natural sources for safe consumption and can be powered by many sources including solar, wind turbines, generators, or an electric grid. These units are highly adaptable to diverse needs and environments as they are configured to produce variable water flow rates. Desalination and water storage are optional features that can be added to the system. Additional benefits include low maintenance as no filters are required and use of the unit requires no technical operators. Applications range from emergency services, rural water needs, field irrigation, to disaster relief, and many more.


The significance of water stewardship cannot be overstated for its direct impact on public health is substantial. Safe water and proper sanitation are key to improving public health by reducing water born disease pathogens. In conjunction with our key partners we can design, construct, build in, and manage potable water and waste water equipment for several industry sectors. Industrial service sectors include Municipalities, Food & Beverage, Petroleum, Heavy or Light Industry, and Pharmaceutical.

Energy, Equipment, & Engineering Services

Our E Division in association with our strategic partners develops the planning and initiatves for energy and water related projects, provides oversight to existing operations of facilities managed by other firms (act as a third party auditor), data collection and interpretation from plant equipment, and conducts research to identify problems and provide solutions with future or current operating facilities. GIBS through its partners has a broad market reach with OEM suppliers.


The Ag Division specializes in solar powered mini grids for rural agricultural communities. Applications also include urban commericial/residential use and as a back-up emergency support power system. Our solar mini grid is a hybrid system that generates, stores, and distributes solar energy as the main power source. It is a hybrid system because it can switch to alternative power sources when environmental conditions make solar power generation insufficient for matching energy demands. Solar panels, battery storage, and a switch inverter are the three basic components of the mini grid. This system is environmentally friendly, user friendly, and promotes self-reliance for communities that are burdened by the costs or reliability issues associated with public utilities or diesel generators.


In partnership with industry leaders, Fiber Optic Network engineering, construction, maintenance, and review are the focus of the Technology Division. Fiber Optic deployment over DSL and cable is advantageous for it is has a lower maintenance cost while simultaneously providing more secure and faster service at a greater signal distance. Fiber Optic Networks are entirely immune to electrometirc and radio interference as glass insulation acts a perfect shield. In addition Fiber Optic Cable has greater bandwidth with a standardized up to and often more than 10 gigabytes per second signal transmission rate. This is all possible as information transmitted through Fiber Optics is done through a signal of light. Our primary area of service is OSP aerial and underground construction.

Aerial Construction

Fiber Optics Cable

Underground Construction

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